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With our Basic Membership you’ll have access to:

  • Public channels
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  • Industry training, resources and certifications
  • Forum discussions with subject matter experts
  • Collaboration with industry peers
  • Portable training credentials


Membership Plus

In addition to the benefits of Basic Membership, upgraded members (coming soon) will have access to:

  • Proprietary industry training and certification programs
  • Employment opportunities
  • Monthly promotions
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Channel Membership

For those that wish to promote and share content, Channel Membership provides access to:

  • Public and private channel creation*
  • Dynamic content curation
  • Systems integration capabilities
  • Delivery of proprietary industry training and certification programs
  • Track and promote course participation and certifications 
  • Facilitation of forum discussions with channel members
  • Listing employment opportunities
  • Monthly promotions
  • Lead generation for new business opportunities

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* Private channels are intended to protect proprietary contentPublic channels are intentionally open, not requiring an approval process to join. 

Channel administrators that wish to distribute training content** can do so in one of two ways: 

1.  Content that is made available for free to their audience is charged a $3 transaction fee 

2.  Content that is made available for sale can be purchased directly within FUSE, with 70% of the revenue retained by the channel administrator, and 30% retained by LogicBay. 

**Content includes web-based training, instructor-led training, online training sessions 

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