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Stay connected to current and future opportunities within the manufacturing industry by subscribing to FUSE - a digital, member-based ecosystem designed exclusively for the manufacturing industry
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Emerging Digital Ecosystems for the Manufacturing Industry

This paper outlines a progression that is beginning to take hold in the manufacturing sector – best-in-class companies leveraging digital ecosystems to strengthen key business relationships, grow revenue, and forge valuable customer interactions.


FUSE Self-Assessment

In the manufacturing industry there is a trend towards maximizing digital interactions between key stakeholders. To gauge how your organization is adapting to this trend, please take a few minutes and complete this survey.


A Shift is Taking Place in the Manufacturing Industry

Digital experiences are changing how business is conducted in the manufacturing sector.


FUSE: A digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry

LogicBay built FUSE, a digital, member-based ecosystem for the
manufacturing industry to foster opportunities for participants to connect, learn, and grow.


FUSE for Dealers and Distributors

When you’re a dealer or distributor in manufacturing, it can be a struggle to gain access to all the information you need to conduct business with each of the brands you represent.


FUSE for Suppliers

FUSE provides suppliers with a modern cloud platform that allows them to connect to more resellers and customers as well as manage their content, training, and sales leads in one place.