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Answers to key questions about FUSE

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is FUSE?

FUSE is a member-based digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry that fosters opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

General Questions

How does FUSE work?

Any individual can join for free. Membership in FUSE offers access to content that’s of interest; from courseware, training, and certification; to research companies and learn about career opportunities; to engage and collaborate with other industry peers.

General Questions

Who is FUSE for?

FUSE is for everyone in the manufacturing sector – any individual or organization – currently working in the industry or interested in the industry. Key stakeholders within the FUSE digital ecosystem include, but are not limited to: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers & Distributers, Customers, Consumers, Trade Schools, Trade Associations and more.

General Questions

Why should I join FUSE?

  • To gain access to free resources
  • To access a library of training materials and certificate courses
  • To interact and collaborate with industry experts
  • To manage and administer a channel in FUSE, where content can be curated and delivered to a public or private audience
  • To build a portable online resume which tracks your learning progress in FUSE
  • To hear about industry updates and relevant news
  • To research and apply for new positions
  • To gain access to opportunities for new business and qualified leads
  • To participate in sales, marketing, and incentive programs

General Questions

Can I join FUSE as an individual?

Yes, FUSE is a member-based ecosystem FREE for all individual members.

General Questions

Can I create a company profile in FUSE?

Absolutely! If a company wants to have a presence in FUSE, it’s necessary to first sign up and create a profile in FUSE as an individual. After that, request to have a private or a public channel. Having a channel in FUSE will provide your business the ability to manage and deliver content to any desired audience. You’ll be able to deliver free resources and/or make content available for sale.

General Questions

What is a channel within FUSE?

A channel in FUSE is where content is managed by a topic expert or a company. Channels can be public - open and accessible to all - or they can be private, whereby members require permission to have access to the proprietary content, training, and sales and marketing programs that have been made available.

Pricing Questions

How much does FUSE cost?

FUSE is free for individuals. In the near future a premium subscription will be available for individual members for a subscription fee of $19.95 per month. For any FUSE member that desires to administer a public or private channel page, the subscription fee is $49.95 per month. Other variable charges may apply for transactions that occur within the channel.

Pricing Questions

Can I make money in FUSE?

Absolutely! If you have proprietary content, services, or programs that are available for sale, the e-commerce capability allows you to generate revenue through your channel. The revenue share split is 70% to the channel owner, 30% to LogicBay.

Pricing Questions

What is the economic model?

For any channel administrator that is making content, training and courses available for sale, the expectation is that funds will be flowing from FUSE to the channel administrator, exceeding the $49.95 cost per month of administering the channel.

  • For courseware that is made available for free, LogicBay charges a fixed $3.00 transaction fee (billed to the channel owner).
  • For revenues achieve through the sale of proprietary content, services, or programs, there is a revenue share formula in place whereby 70% of all revenues are paid back to the content owner, typically the administrator of the FUSE channel.

Pricing Questions

What are the membership levels?

  • Individual membership: Free
  • Premium individual membership: $19.95 per month (coming soon!)
  • Channel membership: $49.95 per month

Pricing Questions

How do you define a transaction?

A transaction is defined as the launch of any courseware session.

Pricing Questions

How do I get paid as part of the revenue share model?

A revenue share report will be issued by LogicBay within fifteen (15) days after the end of each month. Revenue share earnings will be paid within five (5) days of the issuance of the revenue share report.

Member Questions

Are you able to track the courses that I complete in FUSE?

Yes. As a FUSE member takes a course, the course completions are tracked as part of that member’s profile page. Thus, a FUSE profile becomes a permanent, portable and transferrable credential which can be shared with future employers.

Member Questions

What happens when I complete a certificate course?

Certificates for completed courses are shared digitally and can be printed locally, or added to other profile pages such as LinkedIn.

Member Questions

Can I receive a receipt for taking a course?

Yes. Request a receipt via FUSE Support.

Member Questions

Can my company pay for the training courses I take in FUSE?

Yes. Contact FUSE Support.

Member Questions

How do I find experts and resources in FUSE?

Within one’s profile page, members can search for and select channels to join. If the channel is public and openly accessible, access to a channel will provide access to the content and discussion forum within that channel.

Member Questions

How do I invite others to join FUSE?

Send them this link:

Channel Manager Questions

How do I utilize a FUSE channel?

Channels can be used for any or all of the following scenarios:

  • Deliver content to a public or private audience. If you’re delivering intellectual property that is sensitive and confidential, utilize a private channel with only permission-based access.
  • Develop and collaborate with an audience for your thought leadership. Content can be made available for free or for sale. Many FUSE channel administrators launch a freemium / premium model in FUSE channels.
  • Develop a channel targeted directly to the manufacturing sector to sell training resources and courses. Obtain incremental revenues from a new channel.
  • Acquire new leads and business opportunities. FUSE provides access to new relationships and outlets for business.

Channel Manager Questions

Can I create a channel based on a specific topic of interest?

Of course. Contact a FUSE Program administrator and let us know the topic that you’d like to promote in the FUSE digital ecosystem.

Channel Manager Questions

What are the benefits of being a channel manager?

A channel administrator has the ability to curate and deliver content to a target audience. And...

  • Access to the tools to efficiently and effectively train and engage a target audience
  • Exposure for your brand or a topic your promoting
  • Access to new relationships, outlets to sell content and more revenue
  • Robust LMS functionality for tracking learning activity, transaction and revenues

Channel Manager Questions

What's the difference between a public and private channel?

Pretty simple. Public channels are accessible to all FUSE members. To access private channels, a FUSE member MUST be approved by the channel administrator.

Channel Manager Questions

Can my business generate new leads by managing a channel?

Yes, absolutely. FUSE is intended to drive opportunities within new audiences for channel admins.

Channel Manager Questions

What types of reporting are available in a channel?

Activity based reporting is available in FUSE, to report on such metrics as channel member count, channel transactions, channel sales by course, member activity, and more.

Channel Manager Questions

What resources and tools are available to channel admins?

  • Access to the industry’s most robust Learning Management System for managing training programs through certifications, curricula, and development plans
  • Content management
  • Discussion forums for group feedback and collaboration
  • Sales and incentive program management
  • Dynamic content curation
  • Systems integration capabilities
  • Ability to administer private and public channels
    • Private channels are intended to protect proprietary content
    • Public channels are intentionally open, not requiring an approval process to join

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