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About FUSE

LogicBay built FUSE, a digital, member-based ecosystem for the

manufacturing industry, to foster opportunities for participants to connect, learn, and grow.

The Shift 

The International Data Corporation (IDC) reported 97% of “digitally determined” organizations want fully connected processes across their entire business, yet only 5% are entirely integrated. This presents a massive opportunity for change and improvement! A transformation requires the appropriate digital tools and platforms that drive advancement in connectivity and a heightened focus on the customer.

There is a progression that is beginning to take hold in the manufacturing sector – best-in-class companies leveraging digital ecosystems to strengthen key business relationships, grow revenue, and forge valuable customer interactions.

The Impact

Across the entire manufacturing sector a similar transformation is taking place related to how knowledge and services are exchanged amongst key stakeholders in the entire distribution network. What theme is emerging? Industrial digital ecosystems focused on supporting customers. These ecosystems are comprised of manufacturers, dealers, customers, suppliers, trade schools, and others, combined with a collection of online resources, tools, and training that enable stronger business relationships. Ultimately, each group leverages the digital ecosystem for improved connectivity, knowledge sharing, and revenue-generating opportunities.

The Solution

For more than a decade, LogicBay has leveraged digital platforms to help manufacturing organizations connect, inform, and drive sales.  To serve the broader market including additional industry stakeholders, LogicBay built FUSE, a digital, member-based ecosystem for the manufacturing industry. FUSE has been built to foster opportunities for every member of the industry to connect, learn, and grow. 

The bottom line – companies that become fully integrated across the entire ecosystem will improve innovation, serve customers more effectively, and grow sales faster.

Join the FUSE Ecosystem

Become part of a community of dealers, customers, fleet managers, consultants, and educators. Connect, learn, and grow with the only global digital ecosystem for manufacturing

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